I cannot express the gratitude I have for Manav Sadhna and the community for teaching my the meaning of “Love all, Serve all”. Although my time here at Manav Sadhna was short, I immediately felt a part of the family. Everyone was so kind and welcoming, that it was very easy to mix in and feel connected with the community.

Working with the children at the Community Centre was challenging at times, but mostly fun. They always followed along with my English lessons when I couldn’t quite express the lessons in Gujarati. In just three weeks, they made me feel like I had actually taught them the few things I could.

I have never experienced so much unconditional love than I did with my Anganwadi. From the very first day, Meenaben and the kids welcomed me with such excitement. Walking into the Anganwadi was easily my favourite part of the day because the kids would get so excited! Three and a half weeks was definitely not enough to show them he love they managed to show me.

Similarly, 3.5 weeks was also not enough to show Manav Sadhna my gratitude. I know I will be back in an attempt to give back so much of what was given to me.

Love all, serve all,

Tejshri Gohil, USA