I came here with the idea of teaching, but once you get here you realize that I am in Manav Sadhna for learning.

When you arrive, you already know the definition of truth, faith and generosity. Your parents, school, experiences had taught you these basics. But when you meet those children they redefine everything. Because while you build walls, they show you bridges. While they are running naked, you are the one to feel nude. Why? Because you try to seek truth, while they have it in the palms of the hands, or beating in their little hearts. And so you find out that truth, faith and love can not be defined by words, but by the souls.

It’s their brightness that enlights your darkness. It has taught me so much. And even if I am a bit confused, since all my values are being redefined, I am sure about one thing: I am truly grateful for everything, and particularly Manav Sadhna.

With much love and faith,


Constance, France