Health and Awareness

Hygiene and basic health are imperative to the progress of a community. The high prevalence of the disease in slum communities is often caused by a lack of awareness, long-established superstitions, and social stigmas associated with certain diseases. Many are not aware of simple hygienic practices that could prevent certain illnesses, while others lack knowledge and access to avenues for treatment. To address access to healthcare these issues, Manav Sadhna not only integrates preventive education, awareness, and health empowerment with all of its projects but also reaches out to thousands of families through need-based medical programs, We have prioritized improved health, awareness, and prevention through a combination of health-related projects. These include our Arogya Mandir Community Clinic, House to House consultations, Medical Camp, Awareness Campaigns, and Vaccination Drives.

Arogya Mandir Community Clinic

Our Community Health Clinic, situated just next to the Manav Jatan Community Center, has been running since 2005 to give families in marginalized areas access to affordable, quality healthcare and medications. Children commonly suffer from worms and parasites, skin disease, low immunity, fever, and cold while adults struggle vomiting, respiratory ailments, fever, arthritis, tuberculosis, and various skin diseases. Though simple, our clinic is updated with modern medical instruments. We also provide special provisions for TB patients; every Monday, Wednesday and Friday, we organize camps where patients are given free treatment. The clinic runs daily from 7 pm to 9 pm.

Patients Served Annually: 10,780

Muskaan Dental Clinic

The Muskan Dental Clinic was started in October 2010 inside the Manav Jatan Community Center to provide free and comprehensive dental service to the residents of the Ramapir No Tekro and the surrounding slum areas. The clinic is fitted with up-to-date equipment and materials needed to deliver comprehensive dental service. A local dentist and a dental assistant run the clinic daily, providing quality comprehensive treatments and a strict level of hygienic practices. Furthermore, dental health and awareness is poor in our communities. Residents wait until their problems are unbearable or have reached the last stage. Our objectives are to increase awareness related to dental health, and encourage residents to address dental concerns in a timely fashion. This awareness is vital as nearly 80% of the people living in the Tekro chew tobacco and other such harmful substances, severely impacting their health and teeth. The Clinic operates Monday to Friday from 9 am to 1 pm.

Patients Served Annually: 1320

Dental Clinic

Door to Door Consultations

When patients are referred from the Arogya Mandir Community Clinic or identified from field visits with severe health issues such as cancer, kidney disease, heart problems, gynecological issues and cataracts, our health workers help them by taking them to the government hospitals and getting the proper tests, diagnosis and follow up. Many people do not know their way around the government hospitals and systems or do not know about schemes funding they can avail. Our health workers provide support through the entire process. We also help subsidize medical expenses on a case by case basis.

Patients Served Annually: 1100

Health Camps

We hold regular health camps in the community to screen and diagnose acute illnesses, offer treatment when possible and identify patients who require specialists or hospital care. These camps also raise community awareness around self-care and health. Throughout the year Manav Sadhna organize various medical camps targeting General Health, Eye Health, Tuberculosis, Diabetes, Gynecology and Women’s Health, Pediatrics, Dental Care.

People Served Annually: 1130

Awareness Campaigns

Until people are empowered with proper knowledge and causes behind common health problems, they do not have the tool or capability to prevent or identify the ailments and act accordingly. In our mission to strength people’s health education, we organize a series of Awareness Sessions and Campaign through the year, based on each community’s needs. Common topics include Mosquito-Born Diseases, HIV, Women’s Health, TB, and other topics. We often organize talks by special guests, screen films for awareness and organize door-door awareness campaigns. Furthermore, we include important health topics as part of our holistic education programs

Families Approached Annually: 3520