Livelihood and Skills

Earn N Learn (

Children from low income and vulnerable communities have an opportunity to supplement their family-income by making handmade paper products. This platform enables children to strengthen their education, cultivate life skills, grow holistically, and intentionally work towards a brighter future in a safe and nurturing environment. Earn N Learn children receive a nutritious snack, tutorial classes and loving mentorship on a daily basis while taking part in festivals, sports, field trips and other fun activities.

Children Served: 40

Paryavaran Mitra (

Ragpickers, mostly women, collect recyclable waste from the streets and sell it for survival. As these sisters play an integral role in waste management and recycling and provide a silent but essential service to society and the environment, we call them Paryavaran Mitra, or Friends of the Environment. This program aims to give ragpickers dignity and respect while focusing on increased wages and their holistic development.

Women Served: 100

The Pedal Rickshaw Project

A collaborative initiative between Manav Sadhna and Dreams Foundation, this project supports pedal rickshaw drivers. On any street in Ahmedabad, one is likely to see a frail man struggling to pull a heavy load on a pedal rickshaw, often over a flyover. Many of them suffer from TB. Most are addicted to alcohol and tobacco as a means of relief from such strenuous physical labor.

Nearly 70 percent of the drivers rent the pedal rickshaw at 20-40 rupees per day, meaning that they pay over 7000-8000 rupees per year. Some rent these rickshaws over a span of 8-12 years, paying 60,000-120,000 rupees in rent. Their average income is 60-150 rupees per day. The pedal rickshaw project was started by comparing the total amount that pedal rickshaw drivers pay in rent with the average cost of actually buying a pedal rickshaw, 6000-6500 rupees.

The project has two prongs-design and interest-free loans. We improved the quality and design of the rickshaw to decrease the amount of exertion required by the driver to also decrease maintenance. We improved the bearings have been improved, shortened chain length, and provided a simple spring for shock absorbance. The total cost of the rickshaw is Rs.6200.

This improved rickshaw is given to a driver on loan, letting the driver pay the same amount as he would pay to rent the rickshaw, but he would be able to own the rickshaw in approximately one year. Close to 1000 men living in the Ramapir no Tekro slum earn their living by pulling a pedal rickshaw.

Pedal Rickshaw Drivers Supported: 165

Skill Development

After the 10th standard, many children drop out of school and have no proper training or skills to secure sustainable employment, therefore they are not able to meet their daily needs. Our skill development programs intend to reduce poverty and vulnerability of poor households by enabling youth with particular skills that will help them get jobs, earn proper wages and stand on their own feet. We are currently offering training in computer literacy, stitching and beauty parlor services.

Computer Literacy

Our computer center imparts computer literacy through four month-courses for a monthly token fee. We offer classes in Microsoft office, Desktop Publishing, Tally, and Computer Fundamentals as well as a special course for illiterate students in basic desktop publishing.

Approximately 100 students graduate from the computer program every year.

Students Served Annually: 255

Dr. Baba Saheb Ambedkar Open University (BAOU)

This program targets high school and college students whose financial circumstances have led them to fail or drop out of school. Manav Sadhna works with BAOU to offer several of the institution’s distance learning courses at our center. Students can receive certifications including the Bachelor Preparatory Program, which allows students without a high school diploma to obtain diploma status, and the Certificate in Food and Nutrition, which enables individuals to gain the credentials to work in any Anganwadi in India. The Manav Sadhna’s Computer Center also serves as a study center by offering its computer lab to those students who are undertaking courses for certificates in Computing and Software Programming.

Students Served Annually: 156

Tailoring Project

In all of our communities, there are many young girls and housewives who are eager to learn and work, but they are not permitted by their families to work outside their homes. Through the Tailoring Project, we give women a skill set through which they can run a home-based enterprise.The program runs for about 3 months at a time, with two batches of 10 students each who attend for about 3 hours a day. We run about 4 courses a year in three of our centers. We also provide sewing machines to motivated women who want to start their business but do not have the initial capital.

Women Served Annually: 121