Project Karuna: Everyday Youth Heroes

Though the devastating uncertainty of Covid-19 has led the world into an unprecedented crisis, it has also brought out an abundance of compassion and love, giving us a glimpse into the best of humanity. Manav Sadhna’s relief efforts across Ahmedabad to ensure that the vulnerable do not go hungry during this lockdown would not have been possible without the support of countless souls, both donors and sevaks (volunteers).

We have innumerable inspiring stories of MS youth from various communities, who are nominally surviving themselves. Yet they are moved to serve those less fortunate. They have taken the initiative to self-organize, survey localities known to them, organize friends and transportation to collect groceries from MS. They have helped decentralize the process of preparing kits to maintain social distancing. The young leaders have distributed the kits house-to-house, practicing safety measures and documenting their outreach. It is through such efforts that we were able to distribute 13,900 grocery kits (more than one million or 10 lakh meals) to families in need across Ahmedabad in phase one of the lockdown. Some of the following posts highlight such inspiring stories.