Vadil Vatsalya

Due to harsh work environments and daily physical labor, excessive alcoholism and use of tobacco, men are dying earlier in the Tekro. This has led to an overabundance of elderly women who are left to fend for themselves. Often, their families abandon them, and they are saddled with diseases or are unable to work. There are also widowers, left without wives and children. Depressed, discouraged and without support or companionship in their old age, Manav Sadhna has established a variety of programs to bring love, compassion, camaraderie, and support to these elderly through the Vadil Vatsalya Program. They gather every Monday for bhajans (spiritual songs), Satsang (meaningful discussions), and a nutritious meal. We also organize annual excursions and provide long-term health care and medications.

Elderly Served: 140

Tyaag Nu Tiffin

This program was started in 2011 by the late and beloved Raghu Makwana, who migrated to Ahmedabad to find work to help sustain his family in the village. However, over time, he saw the struggles of the abandoned and impoverished and felt strongly moved to serve them. He started Tyaag nu Tiffin, delivering hand-cooked meals to the absolutely neglected and destitute.Today the project continues at the hands of Ramesh, his wife Ushmita and their team, who prepare and hand-deliver 19 tiffins twice a day to elders who are incapacitated and alone. They also cover doctor visits and medical costs if someone gets sick. In the past they have provided funeral expenses. The team imparts love and care through daily interactions and they involve volunteers in helping with deliveries.

In a serendipitous chain of events, Ramesh met Raghu very briefly a few days before Raghu encountered a fatal accident. Ramesh was inspired to carry forward Raghu’s spirit and work. In order to maintain this heartfelt offering, MS supports the expenses of the program. "I'm not doing anything great. I'm not on a mission to change the world. God has been very kind to me in my struggle to survive. Now it is my turn to repay the kindness by helping other needy human beings." – Raghu Kulkarni