Served with Love

For the last five years, Ajay Shrimali has been a committed student and boy scout at our Manav Jatan Community Center afterschool program in the low-income community of Ramapir no Tekro. Having just finished the 12th standard, this inspiring young man was moved to help others during the lockdown. With the encouragement and support of his father, a rickshaw driver, Ajay purchased groceries and cooked for 25 needy families in the vicinity. The next day he received calls with requests to help many others on the brink of hunger. Since the lockdown, Ajay, his family and his neighbor have been preparing hot food at home and distributing it daily to people living along railway tracks, interior roadsides and in inaccessible shanties. The local police authorities  have been supporting Ajay by giving him permission and sending one officer to accompany him to prevent crowds from gathering and to help locate places with people in despair. MS has been providing Ajay with groceries so that he may continue this heartfelt initiative and reach as many people as possible. Ajay and team have served more than 3600 people so far.