Serving Migrant Workers as they Wait to Go Home

More than 20 lakh migrant laborers from UP, MP, Bihar, Rajasthan and Haryana have been struggling to survive in Gujarat without a source of income since the lockdown started more than a month ago. As of last Saturday, when the Central government opened inter-state travel, thousands of migrants from the surrounding areas of Ahmedabad have been flocking to RTO Circle and Sabarmati Railway Station, eager to secure their passage home.

Though the government is trying to facilitate the process, the numbers and logistics are simply overwhelming. As a result, countless migrants have been camping out on the footpath and in unconstructed buildings, without money or food and in the sweltering heat, waiting for permission to head home.

Manav Sadhna volunteers have been preparing and offering warm food, monetary support, masks, soap and access to washing facilities to those stranded and in despair. We are praying for their swift and safe return home.