Women’s Empowerment

Paryavaran Mitra

Ragpickers, mostly women, collect recyclable waste from the streets and sell it for survival. As these sisters play an integral role in waste management and recycling and provide a silent but essential service to society and the environment, we call them Paryavaran Mitra, or Friends of the Environment. This program aims to give ragpickers dignity and respect while focusing on increased wages and their holistic development.

Women Served Daily: 100

Women’s Savings Program

Through this initiative we nurture the economic empowerment of women in our communities. We organize and encourage women to participate in a saving’s program through which they can better manage their economic resources and make decisions that benefit themselves, their families and their communities. Our experience dictates that economic independence is also one of the foundation stones for the path to gender equality. We integrate this program with awareness around personal finances as well as other relevant issues in their life.

Women Served: 360

Shakti Center

We started the Shakti (meaning Feminine Power) Center in Shankar Bhuvan as a safe and trusted space to cultivate the awareness, confidence and life-skills, livelihood and health of adolescent girls and women. In this community, though women are the dominant decision makers when it comes to social and financial responsibilities in the household, girls are not given freedom to make choices for their freedom. They are often forced to drop out of school, get married early. In no way are they encouraged to dream about their future or pursue any goals. Their communities are their entire universe, therefore the gain no exposure to the world nor understand their own potential outside of the typical roles designated to them. Through their involvement with Shakti, we have witnessed positive changes in their attitude, confidence and their personalities.

Adolescent Girls and Women Served Daily: 37