Our Approach

Life in the Slums

Low-income communities, commonly known as slums, are the product of broken down village life. The rate of migration into India's urban centers continues to grow exponentially as people seek employment opportunities, access to basic facilities and a better quality of life.

These communities, though vibrant and filled with great potential, are wrought by health issues, illiteracy, addiction, abuse, violence, poor hygiene, unemployment and more, reinforcing a cycle of despair and poverty for many.

We have developed our Community Centers as a space to strengthen marginalized populations through a breadth of programs that offer the individual and the community a means to progress and transform their situation. Currently, Manav Sadhna operates six Community Centers in various communities across Ahmedabad. Each center runs programs based on the needs of that community.

MS Community Center Model

Over the years Manav Sadhna has adopted the model of developing Community Centers in the heart of urban slums as a space that enables the holistic development of the community. We currently operate 5 Community Centers across Ahmedabad.

MS Community Centers
Ahmedabad, Gujarat (INDIA)

Manav Sadhna

Comminity Centers: 5
Total Beneficiaries: 11,650
Total Programs: 45
Total Staff: 140

Manav Jatan

Began Serving: 1995
Est. Community Center: 2006
Daily Beneficiaries: 719

Manav Gulzar

Began Serving: 2005
Est. Community Center: 2013
Daily Beneficiaries: 1018

Loving Center

Began Serving: 2006
Est. Community Center: 2010
Daily Beneficiaries: 68

Manav Seva

Began Serving: 2010
Est. Community Center: 2016
Daily Beneficiaries: 256

Manav Mitra

Began Serving: 2016
Est. Community Center: 2016
Daily Beneficiaries: 186

Community Centers

Community Centers | Manav Jatan | Manav Gulzar | Manav Seva
Manav Mitra | Loving Center 


  • Serve the community daily and consistently through
    community-based initiatives. The continuous interaction
    supports us in understanding local needs and implementing
    and evolving projects accordingly.
  • Deepen relationships with community and build trust
    through transparency of activities and intentions
  • Enable community participation and ownership over the
    space and process to catalyze effective change
  • Empower all segments (children, young adults, women, and
    seniors) through a range of relevant programs

Our Approach

All Religion Prayer 

We begin every project with an All-Religion Prayer to encourage inner peace while also developing love and understanding for all belief.


As basic nutrition is essential to an individual’s healthy development, we integrate a nutritional snack into every activity.

Hygiene and Awareness

Good hygiene and basic health are imperative to the progress of a community. We have integrated everything from disease prevention, awareness and the development of healthy habits to detection and healthcare across all of our programs.

Growth and Values

Through values and life-skills, we foster self-awareness and practical knowledge so that our children grow into thoughtful citizens who can lead a meaningful and happy life and contribute to society. Our approach to working with other segments of the community as well as mentoring our staff is also immersed in deepening the values that guide their life choices.